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Post Info TOPIC: Lesson #4: Flow Sheets

Lesson #4: Flow Sheets

Taking notes effectively during a debate is one of the most vital skills a debater can develop.  It is an essential skill in public speaking and a necessary one for college lectures.  Go to to review how flow sheets are used in high school debate. Then go to and critique each of the 25 tips for using flow sheets in policy debate.  Explain how each tip can (or cannot) be effectively used to help improve your debating skills.  Provide examples. 

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Andrew S.


Flow Tips:

1. The first tip is to practice your flow skills. I can definitely benefit from this skill, as my flowing is quite weak.
2. Writing on multiple sheets of paper can become confusing. Dropping a page isn't necessarily as bad as dropping a whole sheet of paper, but shuffling through eight pages of notes for one debate is a little excessive.
3. Using different colors can prove effective. For instance, using red for an affirmative point and blue for a negative point can help you find it on the page faster.
4. Even as a left-handed person, I don't find this necessary. Although some writing does become smudged, this is usually only the case with pencil, and I tend to use pen in debate anyway.
5. This is a big way to help with flowing. Being able to clearly see what you are writing without much clutter can also help you find points you need to bring out instantaneously.
6. An overview seems to me like a luxury, if anything. From the notes on points that you write, you should be able to follow the flow of the debate quite clearly and easily.

Nicole Lacerda


1.Practicing my flow skills using a chart would definitely help me in a debate since i tend to be unorganized.
2.I believe one note pad is good for a debate. Using as many as 10 note pads can get confusing and it will take more effort to keep things organized.
3.Using different colors in your notes could make constructives easier for you because all you would have to do is focus on reading the things that are a certain color on your paper.
4.I'm right handed.
5.? i don't get it.
6.i don't get this one either.
7.can i get this one explained to me. haha
8.Writing more clearly can help you when it comes time to make a constructive. It prevents you from studdering or making long pauses.
9.Never stop writing, get as much information possible.
10. >:(
11.Take notes so other will be able to understand. It is important that you and your partner are able to understand the notes you take.
12. Make sure you know what your partner is trying to say, you don't want to contradict yourselves.
13.>:0 i don't know why i don't get this.
15.This is very useful. Writing down all the main points then filling in the details helps because writing down main points helps you not to forget.
16.If you don't understand what the speaker is saying, try moving closer to hear. It can help you get more information.
17.I like regular sized notebooks. I find them easier to handle.
18. Abbreviations make taking notes a lot easier. It helps you write more down in a shorter amount of time.
19.Write down as much as possible.
20.I always bring extra writing instruments to debates just incase a pen dies, explodes, or skips.
21.Listen to your opponents whole argument before you talk to your partner, this helps you hear everything your opponent has to say.
22.Use your time wisely, and use all the extra time you can get.
23.I don't quite understand what following is, but I'm sure it could be useful while you're speaking.
24.Using other peoples flow tricks can help you become a better debater and will improve your flow skills.
25.If you translate things into your own words you will understand it better and will be able to talk about it more.

Provide examples?'re killing me.

its drew x:wouldnt it be hilarious if we both skipped?
^sorry andrew, but i had to show mr. everett how much of a comedian you are.

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