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Post Info TOPIC: #4 - Substitute Assignments

#4 - Substitute Assignments


1)      Students should take a blank piece of paper, write their name and date, and then explain in complete sentences 10 things they learned last week in class.  Remind the students that they studied the topics of colonization and slavery through the use of narrative stories, documentary video and interactive websites.  Please explain each in detail. 

2)      Students should each take a copy of the red Americans textbooks in the classroom and turn to Chapter 3 (Section 4) on the French and Indian War. 

3)      Students should review the text to help them with the assignment.  They should write a brief account of the war from the what if scenario of France winning the war.  How would history have been different?  Consider the actual outcome of the Treaty of Paris, Frances relations with Native Americans and Frances patterns of colonization.  This will be graded as a quiz.  Please collect all work at the end of the period. 


1)      Students should each take a copy of the red Americans textbooks in the classroom and turn to Chapter 4 (Section 1) on the beginnings of the American Revolution.2)      Students should define the following terms: Sam Adams, Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, King George III, Intolerable Acts, martial law, minutemen, committees of correspondence (feel free to write them on the board if necessary)

Students will then take a position on the following statement and use evidence in the text (and their own opinions) to justify their belief: Citizens have a right and responsibility to rebel against their government if they determine it to be unjust, oppressive or evil.  (Note to the substitute: please feel free to engage the students in conversation concerning this resolution.  Students may need guidance with the concept of rebellion and democracy.  Does a democratic government, for instance, allow people to participate and therefore negate rebellion or is rebellion against government sometimes necessary?  Then the question becomes to what extent?) 



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